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Our Mission

At Veda & Co, we strive to add a touch of sparkle to the mundane, transforming ordinary environments into impactful spaces through the power of fragrance.


Our sense of smell is a powerful tool we use to shape lasting memories in our lives. That’s the inspiration we bring to our products – we want to help you create olfactory environments that become as much a part of your lasting memories as any other element of a space.



Our Products

Whether it’s brightening the mood for a lively party, or creating a zen ambience for meditation, our home fragrance products will help set the tone for any space and look good while doing it. Each of our candles and mists is constructed using the finest waxes, wicks and oils, and perfumed with the highest quality fragrance blends. Our containers are thoughtfully designed to complement each collection, and to look exceptional on dressers, desks, countertops, shelves…you get where we’re going with this.


The devil is always in the details for us, and we ensure that no aspect is overlooked in creating the most fabulous products for you to use and share.

Gift moments of delight to yourself and those you love.

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